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Executive Coaching

Dr. Donald Asher provides executive coaching to a limited number of executives seeking to optimize their performance, navigate organizational changes, or succeed in a challenging new role. One-on-one coaching is targeted to C-level officers (CEO, President, COO, CFO, SVP/EVP/VP, and similar).

Dr. Donald Asher and Asher Associates provide group outplacement and one-on-one coaching to executives in transition. Group outplacement is available through employers only. Consult your employer for outplacement assistance or to request Asher Associates as an outplacement vendor. On-site workshops are available nationwide or globally. For one-on-one coaching appropriate candidates will be seeking positions from $200k/annum to seven figures or more.

A note from Donald Asher: “I regret that I cannot help everyone who needs assistance in making a transition. My books, Cracking the Hidden Job Market, How to Get Any Job: Life Launch and Re-Launch for Everyone Under 30, and The Overnight Resume: Fastest Way to Your Next Job are excellent sources of advice on how to beat any job market. Please consult those guides if your company will not provide outplacement services for you and your team.”