Donald Asher is a contributor to the Wall Street Journal's online editions, and He is the education columnist for MSN Encarta, one of the top worldwide destinations on the Web, and is the career columnist for USAirways Magazine, with 2.7 million readers monthly. He has in the past been a contributing writer for Dow Jones publications such as The National Business Employment Weekly and Managing Your Career magazines, NACE Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, the Los Angeles Times's career development web site,'s college edition, and the award-winning career portals and

These online articles focus on a group of Asher's favorite pieces from the last few years, each one capturing a key moment in career development—from the first steps toward selecting a college to negotiating for the salary package you deserve.

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Guru Don Series of Articles

Boomer Supervised by Millennial

Boss Assigned Me to Work for an Idiot

Boss is a Hothead

Boss is Rich but Gives Me Nada

Boss Thinks I'm a Gossip

Career Strategies for Recession Times

Gender Bias in Pay

Get Son Out of Basement

How Dare You

How to Fire People

Layoff Depression

More Bad Bosses

Networking When Shy

New Hire Lied About Degree


Weddings as a Distraction

Work Abroad Long-Term

Abroad on Assignment

World Upside Down

Wrongful Termination

Other Crazy People


Other Asher Articles

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7 Secrets of Savvy Students

Alternatives to the MBA

Distributed or Hybrid Learning

Getting Credit for Continuring Education

How to Pay for Grad Education

Is the Master's Degree Worth It

Myths about the Ph.D

Online Education a Blessing for Students wtih Disabilities

Should You Add a Credential Instead of an MBA

Teaching as a Career Option

The Millennial Generation is Over

Top 7 Reasons to Go Back to School

Go to B School or Law School for Free

The 5 Lowest Paying Majors

The Coolest Colleges in America

Why College Grads Still Cannot Find a Job

Why College Students Don't Graduate in 4 Years

Why You Procrastinate

Why You Should Hide Out in School to Avoid the Recession

Do You Have the Global Skillset?

Recruiting College Graduates: Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills


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